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Meet our Surfer Teachers

We are very excited to have you join our Pre-K Surfer Program this year!   These amazing women come with a wealth of teaching talents and passion for this age group.  These ladies are gifted teachers who love children and are dedicated to preparing youngsters for a successful Kindergarten experience the following year.  Their goal is to guide children to become confident, compassionate, loving, respectful and self-motivated learners.  This talented team will lead your child through a magical year of learning, where they will develop life-long friendships, personal responsibility, reading and writing skills, and so much more!  

Pre-K Dream Team

Sara .jpg

Ms. Sara

Ms. Sara is our Pre-K coordinator and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to prepare our students during this important year.  She is kind and gentle with a wonderful warm personality and contagious smile.  Ms. Sara has been a beloved staff member at SCC for years.  She loves teaching children and watching them grow and learn daily. Sara is a busy mother of two children who enjoys spending outside time with her sweet family.


Ms. Stacy

Ms. Stacy is a breath of fresh air, with her passion for teaching and bringing new and innovative programs and styles into our classrooms. She has been our dance teacher for many years and has found her way home to our Pre-K teaching team.  She is the proud mother of two children, who both attended SCC, and loves spending time with friends and family. Ms. Stacy has an innate way with children and creates lasting bonds with every student.


Miss Erica

Ms. Erica is filled with energy and joy and brings it all each day for this Pre-K program.  Erica has her degree in Early Childhood education and has cared for and taught PreK children for many years.  She loves to discover how each child uniquely learns and bring out the best in every person.  You will love her spirit and passion for teaching and children.  Erica is loved by her students and fellow staff members~

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