["Being a father of 2 (boy and girl) under the age of 5, it was a pleasure to have come across Surf City Christian School 2 years ago. Having a very active son, the Montessori route wasn’t quite the best option for us. We tried it out and after 1 year, decided to give SCC a chance. We couldn’t have made a better choice. Besides the loving teachers, knowledgeable curriculum, and attentive office staff...the wonderful leaders of SCC (Tami and Don) have shown incomparable guidance, leadership, and love towards our family and all the kids in the school. They are true examples of leaders in our community.
From the moment our son joined SCC, we noticed him smiling more, being more assertive and confident with his words, and best of all...learning to know and love God with all his heart. My son has joyfully begun to lead prayer at every family meal and function. Nothing could make me more proud as a parent.  My son enjoys the many activities, mini field trips, and unique learning projects the school has to offer. We love to go over what he learned for the day by reading his daily notes that his teachers send home. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on his day and continue his growth at home with fun questions. Not only has the curriculum, faith filled lessons, and activities been wonderful...we couldn’t be more confident with our decision to have our daughter join in a few months.
We are proud to be apart of the SCC family and look forward to seeing our school
continue to grow within our “Surf City” community."

The Munoz Family

Parent Testimonials

["What a wonderful feeling to drop our girls off at SCC and know they are safe, loved and being nurtured in this warm environment.  Our oldest daughter was very reserved and the highly trained staff at SCC took her quickly under their wing and not only prepared her for Kindergarten but brought out her beautiful personality."]

The Manthorne Family


["Surf City Christian has truly been a blessing to our family.  SCC is more than just a preschool to us, it is a family.  It is a place where we could send our children and know that they are well taken care of and loved.  It is a place where our suggestions and voices are always heard.  Surf City Christian has helped us establish a strong moral and educational foundation for our daughters that has given them a great start for success in grade school.  Both our girls learned to read and write before entering kindergarten...and to love school.  We are so grateful for the teachers and the staff, which have been so loving, supportive, and encouraging of our girls' development."]

The Potter Family

["It really does take a village to raise a child and Surf City Christian has been an integral part of that village. The teachers and staff are more like an extended family - loving on my children, inspiring their curiosity to learn, cultivating their love of God and helping to shape them into the best versions of themselves. My daughter Savannah went through SCC and now her brother Mikey is there. Savannah often says she's jealous she is no longer at SCC as she misses her teachers (many of which are still there) and feels so much love when she walks through the doors. Our decision to send both of our children to SCC is reaffirmed when Mikey lights up to go to school each day and when I see the sweet girl my daughter has become. SCC is truly a blessing."]

Kristin Bush

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